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Align Frequently Asked Questions

We are accustomed to situations where organisations claim: “we do not have time to implement these kinds of changes”; “we do not have the energy to implement these kinds of changes” and; “we do not have the budget to implement these kinds of changes!” This FAQ should resolve any doubt that Align is an optimal solution.

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  1. Does Align have an area to share information on this portal, e.g. sharing best practice such as lessons learned, and the facility for a blog?
  2. Will we have the ability for our PMO to customise the portal content to local requirements and configure all data field elements?
  3. Are we able to add our corporate branding?
  4. How can we know what the return is on such an investment, I cannot oversee how this works, how it is implemented and how it leads to benefits?
  5. Can Align be tailored for us and allow us to use whichever elements we want to?
  6. Can the template documents be in word?
  7. Is this just a tool to help navigate the process rather than manage the document flow?
  8. We need a high level, overarching programme and project framework in order to achieve a higher level of performance and maturity in this area, and drive through further efficiencies. We’d like to see the nationally recognised best practice methodologies incorporating essential elements from MoP®; PRINCE2®; MSP® and P3O®, and meet the requirements of a P3M3® level 3 maturity operation. Can you help us?
  9. Our organisation needs framework to incorporate a lifecycle, enabling a guided transition between programme and project delivery, enabling consistency between projects and any overarching programme. Guidance must be distinct for programmes and projects, taking into account milestones, objectives and tasks for each stage, and promoting programme awareness at project level.
  10. Is there a comprehensive list of programme and project themes which is connected to an overarching programme / project lifecycle?
  11. Does Align have programme and project role definitions, and guidance about application of responsibilities at each stage?
  12. Are project templates connected to lifecycle and processes, and linked to milestones through hyperlinks? Will we have the capability to connect our own templates to the lifecycle?
  13. We need explicit guidance on the practical application of project techniques at all levels of the lifecycle (process, stage and milestone) – how does Align display this?
  14. Do we have the ability to connect local case studies / examples of completed templates to the lifecycle and processes throughout the framework?
  15. Are we allowed to replicate the data content in the framework in order to use it for internal training?
  16. Do you offer any updates to the framework, functionality and core content throughout any contract period?
  17. The site needs to be accessible from our partner organisations e.g. sector networks, through a simple link from our intranet, without the need for further password verification for users from a variety of IP addresses. Can Align be hosted in the cloud and support this?
  18. Is there a limit on the number of staff who can use Align?
  19. How will we know how to use the site when it is delivered?
  20. I have taken a look at the framework, but it seems to me that it is just a digital book. It looks easier to me to use a document.